Food for the Skin

Nourishing the body involves our diet, emotional balance and the way we can intervene in the largest organ of the human body: the skin.

This is how Raisi was born. This is how a balm is born that combines a set of carefully selected ingredients to care for the skin in a deep way and with therapeutic effects. Simple and conscious.

What Distinguishes Us


0% dilution, 100% active ingredients. We chose to formulate without using the water element to preserve the active ingredients of the ingredients and increase their concentration and potency. We use organic ingredients, without the addition of chemicals or preservatives. We believe in the power of simplicity.


We prefer organic, biodegradable ingredients. We use amber glass packaging for greater protection of its contents. We dispensed with additional external packaging in favor of the planet. All the decisions we make regarding production, packaging, distribution, among other actions, are guided by our values of sustainability and care for Nature.


The constituents of our products are presented clearly and in their entirety. We look for partners and clients who share transparency as a value. We believe that to achieve results we do not have to sacrifice what defines us.


All our actions are carefully thought out in a professional manner and in line with our values. We comply with the requirements of the regulatory entity (INFARMED) for cosmetic products. We work with a Portuguese laboratory with COSMOS certification. We scrutinize the ingredients to select those that meet COSMOS standards, that is, that are genuinely organic or natural and produced in accordance with sustainability ‘best practices’.

Highest Certified Skincare Brand




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Calming Relief with Raisi Nurturing Balm

What Inspires Us

Our inspiration comes from our admiration and respect for nature and its biomes. We value organic production as a means of obtaining what we need from the earth with the least possible impact on the environment.

We want to provide those who seek us with the possibility of integrating products consciously produced with high-quality ingredients into their body care routine and with visible results with each application.

About Raisi
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