Sofia and Ana are the founders of this project. One with academic training and experience in pharmaceutical sciences, the other with almost 20 years of experience in management consultancy. Two friends with very different experiences but with a common passion: physical and emotional well-being.

Raisi Founders Sofia and Ana

Raisi was born as a response to the need they both felt to find organic cosmetics, with an artisanal nature from this point of view, but which were produced based on the rigor of science and a certified laboratory. Everything in its own time. Like everything in life, Raisi also has its maturation process.

In 2018 the idea was born, the first homemade formulations and experiments emerged. Little by little, with the right partners, the concept and formulas were established and the amateur project became professional. In 2023, this project will be launched to the world so that it can grow and generate more fruits, based on a solid professional structure and congruent with the brand's values.